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AgenaTrader++ (plusplus) represents the more advanced versions of AgenaTrader with innovative features for professional trading.
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Why you should use AgenaTrader

What is it that makes AgenaTrader so unique? What differentiates this software from other platform providers in the market? What are the crucial factors that proves AgenaTrader isn´t just good, but an exceptionally superior software?

So far, professional trading platforms have been explicitly catered towards professional traders. Retail traders however have had to deal with technologies which has either provided insufficient functionality or not appropriate towards their trading routine.

AgenaTrader offers equality of opportunities- in terms of the user friendliness and functionality, which is built to be powerful as well as a manageable tool for institutional and retail traders. With just a few mouse clicks you can set up your own trading strategies in the Conditions Escort, while the scanner in the Analyzer Escort helps you find profitable needles in the stock markets haystack.

Based on your trading strategy, you can define entire setups with the Setup Escort and activate them with our groundbreaking AT++. The Risk and Money Management feature helps you play by your own rules, which as you might know isn´t always easy.

AgenaTrader isn´t just a software, it stands for continuous development in the interests of our customers. Also, AgenaTrader stands for providing a lot of free of charge online education. AgenaTrader means being close to the market and even closer to our customers.

AgenaTrader goes the extra mile – come and join us!

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Grab your free indicator AddIn

Trading out of the correction of an existing trend is a smart strategy. As soon as the correction is ended – by means of the reversal of demand – the position can be opened.

Based on his experiences in applying market technique trading in AgenaTrader DowTheory Pro, Mike Seidl has developed an indicator that, in collaboration with the market DowTheory filters, shows exactly this situation.

When you purchase your software licence (AgenaTrader Andromeda as well as DowTheory Pro AddOn) via the Investorschule, you receive this indicator, with a value of 100.—euros, on TOP of this, free of charge.

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For our end-of-day traders, the free Yahoo data feed comes already pre-set, so you can get started immediately.