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Your success in building up and managing your assets can be considerably increased by the right knowledge coupled with experience. For this reason, the Investorschule offers you a multitude of education and information opportunities. Find out about the entire range of services in the box below.

Although money is an essential commodity in today’s world, there is no course with the topic of “asset accumulation” in school or at university. Nobody teaches you how to effectively build reserves, use loans to your advantage or efficiently work with available money.

The asset accumulation seminar is geared towards people who want to build their financial future on solid ground. You learn the most important factors for building up reserves and working with available capital. This can make it possible for you to successfully realize your financial goals independently.

Without having to trust the recommendations of third parties in the process.

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Stocks, commodities, currencies, quarterly reports. These are not foreign concepts to you, but instead chances for earning money on the stock exchange. You have decided to take your financial transactions into your own hands or want to do so in the future.

This means that the same rules apply for you as for the professional stock market players. Knowledge coupled with experience are essential requirements for a successful performance on the capital market. The technical seminar is created for active investors.

You will be intensively prepared for trading on the stock exchange. You learn to generate the trading signals that are appropriate for you from the large number of possibilities. And all this regardless of whether you want to make time for trading every day or only reserve the weekend to do so.

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This workshop is intended for people who know about the earning opportunities on the capital market and would like to become more intensively active on the stock exchange based on existing experience. Your goal is to generate successful trades on the short-term investment horizon, regularly and independently of stock exchange phases.

With theoretical knowledge alone, however, you are not going to earn any money on the stock exchange. Your account balance only grows sustainably thanks to real application of the knowledge and the experience steadily gained thereby. In order to give you an optimal start, you already implement your new knowledge during the seminar. In this way, you can resolve any questions that occur directly and discuss them together.

Furthermore, thanks to the live trading, you get an open insight into the daily routine of a full-time stock exchange trader. You can actively profit from his trading practices and experiences. You can personally experience how he develops meaningful trading ideas in suddenly occurring situations, thereby sustainably earning money.

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In the personal coaching, you receive customized support in order to improve your trading successes in a prompt, purposeful and permanent manner. It is useful for people who value intensive and individual mentoring that cannot be represented in a seminar. Thanks to the multimedia structuring of the coaching, you can work in any location.

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With the AgenaTrader Market Technique AddOn, you own a highly professional tool that can massively support your trading success with the right application. For this, an in-depth induction into the functional possibilities is absolutely necessary, since it is not uncommon for initial application errors to lead to subsequent costs in trading.

In your personal coaching for AgenaTrader, in order to support your trading successes, you receive a goal-oriented, individual education as well as active support in the creation of your individual workspace.

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