November 2017

Mike Seidl’s market insights for November 19th

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The past earning season has often shown that many companies profit from the worldwide economic boom. While the US indices note at their all-time-highs lag the European pendants behind. But they tend also upward. Let’s have a look for now to some indices and interesting stocks. So far for today [...]

October 2017

Mike Seidl’s market insights for October 19th

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The earning season has started. The earnings can show up high price movements. Please adapt your trading strategy and make sure that you know the release date for open positions. If you are not sure keep your cash high and/ or safe your profits with partial take profits. This reduces [...]

August 2017

Use timeframes to your advantage

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In the previous article, Find High-Probability Trades with Trend Combinations, you learned how to combine sub-trends to identify favorable trades. As we demonstrated, all of the important information you need to trade is already present within a single chart. But there are times when viewing the same instrument through different [...]

Find high-probability trades with trend combinations

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When you look at a chart you can often see different trends flowing into each other. A clever combination of these trends will provide clear insights into trading opportunities, as if the market itself came knocking upon your door. You just need the patience to wait for the right moment, [...]

Smart traders read the secrets of the chart

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The legendary Charles Dow and successful traders like Jesse Livermore knew how to read the markets by observing the behavior of its participants. You too can learn how they did it. Reading the “secret” of the charts isn’t much of a secret at all. In fact, Charles Dow wrote it [...]

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