About Mike Seidl

My interest in economics and investments started to grow in the early 1990s. For this reason, I gained my general university entrance qualification at a business-oriented high school.

The economic knowledge I acquired there, and the participation in a stock market game, definitively sparked my interest in the stock market and the opportunities to earn money that are available there. For me it was clear that I would one day make a living from the stock markets. This is why I decided to complete an apprenticeship as a banker at a leading European bank.

Thus, I obtained the tools necessary for operating successfully in the capital markets. Professionally, I worked in partnership with wealthy clients for many years, developing strategies for profitable investments.

During this time, I additionally worked with my own money in the stock market. Since 2013, I have predominantly managed my own assets and passed on my knowledge in seminars and coaching sessions to people who wish to independently pave their way towards achieving their own financial goals with their own two hands.

Since 2016, I have been an exclusive AgenaTrader education partner in the area of the Dow Theory Classic AddOn, and as a freelance editor, I contribute articles to the Trader’s Magazine on trading strategies in the stock market.

Video Introduction Mike Seidl